Who Are We?

Just a few of the rock stars who help make RCFD such a memorable experience…

Denise Ryan, Rock Camp for Dads

Who’s that welcoming voice on the other end of the RCFD Hotline? It’s none other than our own Camp Counselor Denise “Rock Mama” Ryan. She’s always available for your questions, scheduling, and taking your plastic for lessons, camps and swag. Need a gift certificate for your hubby, your wife or that special rocker in your life? Let Denise help with all the details. She’s also the one answering your e-mails and phone calls and the sassy one behind the counter at our gigs.  She’s truly the “Rock” in Rock Camp for Dads.




Jesse Miller, Rock Camp for Dads

Jesse knows about rock and he knows about dads–a father of two, he’s been playing bass and guitar in local Minneapolis rock bands for the past 20 years–so he is certainly the right right-hand man for Rock Camp For Dads! Jesse handles our data management, customer service, online media management and research. You can usually see him operating the camera at our monthly gigs, so drop by and say hello—or even better, buy him a beer! Not only does Jesse rock behind the scenes at Rock Camp For Dads, he rocks on-stage in a number of local bands, as the bassist of MINE, Party of One and FM Bells, and guitarist of Awkward Bodies and The Curiously Strong Peppermints.



Johnny Holiday, Rock Camp for Dads

Johnny is a natural fit for RCFD as he is not only immersed in the local music scene as a guitar player but is also a husband and the proud dad of two daughters. Johnny got his first guitar in 1978 and not long after started bouncing between local music stores for lessons until he wound up studying with Jeff Loven from 1984-88. Johnny attended Music Tech (now McNally Smith) from 1989-90 and graduated receiving 1990′s “Guitarist of the Year” award. Since the mid 80′s Johnny has been in many bands and spent much of that time sharpening his skills in rehearsal rooms, recording studios and big and small stages around the region. In 2007 Johnny was asked to take on guitar duties for Atlantic recording artist Herican Alice and have shared the stage with bands such as Warrant, LA Guns, The Sweet, Kix, Jackyl, Skid Row, Trixter and Vince Neil. Johnny is now involved with several other bands and can also be seen locally with MockStar (live band Karaoke) and Ovation (a celebration of the music of Prince). Check the local listings, it’s usually not too hard to go see Johnny with one of these bands on just about any weekend.

Nathan Kinney, Rock Camp for Dads

Nathan Kinney has a passion for music that is undeniable. He started in the music business, as most hard rockers, singing in church as a small child. At age 10, Nirvana’s Nevermind was released, and Nathan was inspired to pick up an old guitar that had been laying in the corner of the house for years. He began taking lessons at FIM, playing percussion in school band, and by ’97 released his first record while still attending High School. After a few more years and a few more bands, he re-settled in Minneapolis to complete his degree in Audio Engineering at McNally Smith College of Music, and since graduation has been an active member of the Minnesota music community. Nathan has played thousands of shows across the US and Europe, and worked on countless recording projects. He is a founding member of local experimental hardcore band Debbie Does Malice, the co-owner of a screen printing shop called Rocketbike Merchandise Company, and a freelance engineer, teacher, and accompanist for anyone who needs a good set of ears and hands.


Adam is a producer, songwriter, bandleader and multi-instrumentalist based in the Twin Cities. His resume includes work in rock, funk, bluegrass, Latin, pop and a long list of ethnic/folk musics. He’s currently the leader of an Irish rock outfit called St. George’s Folly and enjoys an Old Fashioned the way most people enjoy breathing.  Adam holds degrees in Production, Recording and Performance, and has been hit by a car twice (those two facts aren’t related, but they sound cool together).

To register to rock or get more information call DENISE 612-819-6722 or e-mail: info@rockcampfordads.com


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