Find YOUR voice!!

Hey rockers!

Have you caught yourself glancing in the direction of a microphone, dreaming you could just jump in and give it a go? Are you a guitar player wishing you could also be singing leads or backups? Well, wish no more!

At our Voice 101: ‘An Introduction To Your Pipes’ Workshop on Saturday, May 20th from 3-5pm you’ll be introduced to the basics of finding and implementing your own ‘voice’ in a rock band context!

Over the course of this two-hour intensive, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of singing. You’ll be introduced to concepts like breath support, pitch, timbre, stylistic technique, and more! This is an interactive workshop; participants will need to be ready to sit, stand, and even lie down on the floor (no, really). It’s the perfect mixture of fun, science, and music to get your voice out of hiding and into the foreground where it belongs!

Cost is $35 for the general public; $25 for RCFD Union Members. Space is limited to 20 participants.
Contact Denise at denise@rockcampfordads.com to sign up today and find your own voice!

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