Green Day Flash Camp!!!

That’s right, the FLASH CAMP IS BACK! From time to time we will open a new camp featuring an artist or genre’ which has been “frequently requested” from camp participants.

We call it FLASH CAMP because it COMES OUT OF NOWHERE, will fill in a flash, and start in a flash! You won’t have time to agonize over schedules, over perceived ability, or over your budget cuz FLASH CAMPS are always going to be $50.00 less than their pre-scheduled 301 counterparts! But don’t try to predict when they’ll happen …They come out of nowhere!

This FLASHCAMP is goin’ GREEN DAY! Are you ready to play a little fast and furious? You’re in luck because the ‘day’ is ‘green’! You can take you pick between two-minute punk rock anthems or even modern-day rock operas with our Rock 301: GREEN DAY Camp beginning Thursday, February 8th! You’ll be able to stuff as many classic Green Day cuts in your Bunkers set as humanly possible, such as “Welcome To Paradise”, “American Idiot” and “Basket Case”. This camp concludes with a spot on our February Showcase on March 3rd.

We’re looking for a GUITAR, BASS, DRUMS and VOCALS position for this camp.

So race to your email and send Denise your request at denise@rockcampfordads.com or reply here directly. Remember, this special GREEN DAY camp will be gone in a flash!

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