Episode 55

Episode #55 – THURSDAY, APRIL 26th

On RockCast Episode #55, RCFD alumni and power-couple David Preis and Keith Vargo stop by and discuss clown college, the lost art of fax machines and their stint in the very worst jug band in Minnesota!  Also: Johnny prepares a vegetarian linguine on “Recipes For Rockers On The Go”; the panel goes Disney on “3 Chords to Fame”; and the panel discuss recent tribulations in Fleetwood Mac on “Rock Around.”

Episode 54

Episode #54 – WEDNESDAY, March 28th

On RockCast Episode #54, we have two very special guests from Chase & Ovation: saxophonist/recording engineer Snowman Powers and tech assistant/punk rocker Mark Estephan!  The purple duo join the panel to discuss the shift of the recording industry from albums-to-singles on “Rock Around”, Snowman cooks a ‘Cajun-Asian’ Jambalaya on “Recipes For Rockers On The Go” and the whole panel has a jam session with Snowman on “3 Chords To Fame”!

Episode 53

Episode #53 – Tuesday, February 13th

RockCast Episode #53, recorded LIVE at our Best of Season 2017 showcase at Route 47, February 11th, 2018!  Featuring performances and backstage interviews with the seven best bands Rock Camp For Dads had to offer throughout 2017: Entre Nous, Meet The Cockers, Phunky Brewster, Evil Ways, Bobby and The Jets, Richard and The Tube Socks and the Rock Camp Horror Picture Show!

Episode 51

Episode #51 – Tuesday, December 19th

Ho ho ho! It’s our very special Rockcast Christmas Episode!  Lucky us, Santa Claus (The Singing Realtor) stops by and tells us what he does with his elves in the off season and the real story behind Rudolph’s nose!  Also: the panel discuses the passing of AC/DC’s Malcolm Young, Johnny fixes us a holiday cocktail, the panel write a jolly ‘ol holiday song on “3 Chords To Fame” and they tell the world their most hated Christmas songs!

Episode 50

Episode #50 – THURSDAY, October 26th

Hey hey our 50th episode!!  In Episode #50 a brand new camper who has never done a Rock Camp before–Mitch McMillan–stops by and talks about how he discovered Rock Camp For Dads!  Also: Denise shows her incredible musical knowledge in “Rock Around”, Stan Paul Z. stops by and gives some advice, Jesse cooks gourmet grub in “Recipes For Rockers On The Go” and David shows us his guitar chops on “3 Chords To Fame”!

Episode 49

Episode #49 – WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23rd, 2017

In Episode #49 vocalist and RCFD alumni Phil Vanner stops by and talks about rockin with Old Voltage, the best way to cook a person and his place in the Guinness Book of World Records!  Also: the panel listens to the new Robert Plant single “May Queen” on ‘Hit or Sh*t’ and what their favorite songs are to get your mornings pumpin’!

Episode 48

Episode #48 – Saturday, JULY 22nd, 2017

In Episode #48 multi-instrumentalist and RCFD alumni Jackson Kisling stops by and demonstrates the world’s first electronic drumkit you can wear, and proves that Paul McCartney actually died in a car crash in 1966 and was replaced by an imposter!  Also: the panel discusses the reformation of Queen with American Idol Adam Lambert and listen to “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles on ‘Hit or Sh*T’.

Episode 47

Episode #47 – Sunday, June 18th, 2017

In a very special Fathers Day episode, an actual father/son RCFD alumni duo of drummer Doug Miller and guitarist Ryan Miller stop by and talk about their obsession with Styx, “the family accordion” and even call and annoy daughter/vocalist Julie Miller Grossman at work!  Also: Johnny spirals some broccoli, the panel discuss their favorite unknown artists and try to name as many father/son-related songs as they possibly can… and fail!

Episode 46

Episode #46 – FRIDAY, MAY 19th, 2017

In Episode #46, vocalist and RCFD alumni Jools Brandt stops by and chats about the degenerate life of a disc jokey, her stint as a singing comic and her poodle Boo Boo. Also: the panel discusses the best concert merch they’ve procured, write a hit song on “3 Chords to Fame” and Jools tries her best to “Stump the Instructors”!

Episode 45

Episode #45 – Thursday, APRIL 27th, 2017

In Episode #45, bassist and RCFD alumni Devin Brown stops by and talks about his wake-up beer, phallic-looking packages at work and his mysterious past involving some “leaves of green”.  Also: the panel discusses some sweet summer concerts, the panel plays “Name That Bass Line” and Devin completely stumps the panel!


Rewind Festival II

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