Episode 47

Episode #47 – Sunday, June 18th, 2017

In a very special Fathers Day episode, an actual father/son RCFD alumni duo of drummer Doug Miller and guitarist Ryan Miller stop by and talk about their obsession with Styx, “the family accordion” and even call and annoy daughter/vocalist Julie Miller Grossman at work!  Also: Johnny spirals some broccoli, the panel discuss their favorite unknown artists and try to name as many father/son-related songs as they possibly can… and fail!

Episode 46

Episode #46 – FRIDAY, MAY 19th, 2017

In Episode #46, vocalist and RCFD alumni Jools Brandt stops by and chats about the degenerate life of a disc jokey, her stint as a singing comic and her poodle Boo Boo. Also: the panel discusses the best concert merch they’ve procured, write a hit song on “3 Chords to Fame” and Jools tries her best to “Stump the Instructors”!

Episode 45

Episode #45 – Thursday, APRIL 27th, 2017

In Episode #45, bassist and RCFD alumni Devin Brown stops by and talks about his wake-up beer, phallic-looking packages at work and his mysterious past involving some “leaves of green”.  Also: the panel discusses some sweet summer concerts, the panel plays “Name That Bass Line” and Devin completely stumps the panel!

Episode 44

Episode #44 – Thursday, MARCH 23rd, 2017

In Episode #44, the newest addition to our RCFD team–cool guy instructor and multi-instrumentalist Adam Azra’el–stops by and talks about rockin in his band St. George’s Folly, being kidnapped by Chris Lakey and his former life as a Colorado horse breeder.  Also: Paul Z Stanley gives some advice, the panel spontaneously write a song on “3 Chords To Fame” and discuss the passing of rock legend Chuck Berry.

Episode 43

Episode #43 – WEDNESDAY, February 22nd, 2017

In RockCast Episode #43, vocalist and RCFD alumni Heather Weyker storms in and discusses the intricacies of being both an undercover Narcotics officer and a soccer mom!  Also: the panel discusses Lady Gaga’s Superbowl come-back, Johnny bakes some sort of ziti or something (I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention) and the panel plays a new law-enforcement-themed game with Heather called “Would You Bust Me?”.

Episode 42

Episode #42 – Thursday, JANUARY 26th, 2017

After a brief winter break, The RockCast is back!   This time we put some deep thought into Episode #42, as guitarist/bassist and RCFD alumni Brenda Stovall drops by and talks about Nikki Sixx, her stint as a Hollywood extra and the best way to taser & pepper spray bandmates!  Also: our pal Paul Z Stanley stops by and the panel composes an instant song in the brand new segment “3 Chords To Fame”!

Episode 41

Episode #41 – FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17th, 2016

In Episode #41, bassist/guitarist/vocalist and RCFD alumni Diane Kilmer drops by and talks about the super secrets of playing bass, the fascinating world of data management and even performs her original song “Beautifully Broken.” Also: Paul Z Stanley gives some much-needed advice, Johnny brings in some homemade vegetable soup and the panel discuss the passing of Leon Russel and Leonard Cohen.

Episode 40

Episode #40 – MONDAY, OCTOBER 24th , 2016

In Episode #40, guitarist and RCFD alumni Jeff Wold drops by and talks about his life as a secret agent computer hacker, his magical Stratocaster and his not-so-secret hatred of Bob Dylan!  Also: The panel listen to “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots on “Hit or Shit”, discuss their ultimate fantasy concert on “Rock n Roll Fantasy” and the panel discuss Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Episode 39

Episode #39 – THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th , 2016

In Episode #39, guitarist and RCFD alumni Amy Pluth swings by and talks about Gibsons, dogs and of course Def Leppard!! Also: Paul Z Stanley gives sound advice, Johnny makes some salsa, Amy tries to stump the panel with rock trivia while we try to stump her with Def Leppard trivia!


Episode 38

Episode #38 – Thursday, July 21st , 2016

In Episode #38, RockCast changes our format a bit for a very special round-table discussion titled “Guitar NerdTalk”!  RCFD alumni and gear-hounds Mike Czora, Sean McCoy, and Greg Snyder drop by and talk shop with RCFD instructors Johnny and Nathan, and gab about their favorite guitars, amps, tones and where to sit in a band’s frequency spectrum.  Top secret pro tips for gear geeks only!!


RCFD at Bunkers on Saturday!

Hey rockers!  Don’t forget we have our Bunkers gig coming up on Saturday, June 24th from 2:30-7pm!!  We’ll have four stage-stompin bands:  

Bubba O’Riley (The Who Tribute Camp) Rock Inc. (C... Read more >

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