“As the song goes, ‘I’ve had the time of my life!’ I joined my first Rock Camp for Dads 101 just over a year ago…

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—Miriam Q., drummer

“Where do I start with this….I have been stalking Rock Camp for Dads years and finally got up the courage to sign up…

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—Jeff S., bassist

Rarely can you find a place where you can walk into a room with 5 other people you’ve just met and walk out a few hours later with 5 new friends…

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—Jason R., guitarist

Rock Camp For Dads is the On Ramp to the Rock and Roll Highway. Mitch, Denise and the highly skilled, but very laid back Camp Counselors take you…

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—Hugh H, guitarist

RCFD is a must experience for ANYONE who’s has sang in the shower, car or at karaoke; rocked out like Tom Cruise in Risky Business…

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—Peter H., guitarist

I started RCFD camp as a guitarist, who over the years let my skills get covered in rust as my guitars sat in the basement begging to be played…

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—Jim C, guitarist

Rock Camp for Dads fulfilled my 30-year-long wish to perform as a rock singer onstage. After just a couple of camps, I now sing regularly…

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Carrie K., vocalist

When a friend told me about Rock Camp for Dads, I thought, “Hmmm, that sounds kind of fun….”

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—Lisa P., Keyboardist


Holiday Cocktail Hour

Hey Rockers! Are you hepcats ready to swing? You are all cordially invites to RCFD’s Holiday Cocktail Hour and Rock 201 Performance party on Friday, December 1st. Saunter on down to the RCFD Studio for some cocktails and snacks, and enjoy an exc... Read more >

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