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December Camps

Rock 101

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Starting Wednesday, November 19th

Our beginner’s-level Camp! Over four rehearsals, we’ll match you up with players of your skill-level and interest and introduce you to being in a band in our relaxed, professional and non-judgmental atmosphere! This is where your Rock journey starts!

Open positions: GUITAR, BASS

Rock 201: “Rock Of Ages” Camp

Starting Wednesday, November 19th

Put on your shades and spandex, it’s time to take a stroll down Sunset Strip, 1980-something!  Whether you are waiting tables at The Burbon Room or rockin on stage with Arsenal, you have to agree that Hair Metal will never die and’ll live on for all ages!  At our “Rock of Ages” Camp you’ll be able to rock out to the great Hair Metal hits of the 80s and the film Rock of Ages, such as “Rock of Ages” by Def Leppard, “Nothin But A Good Time” by Poison and “Any Way You Want It” by Journey!  This camp concludes with a private in-studio concert at our Rock 201 Performance Party.


Rock 201: Rockin’ Xmas Tunes Camp!

Starting Sunday, November 23rd

Are you in the caroling mood?  This December we have a new kind of Christmas Carol: with rockin guitars, bass and drums!  That’s right, in our Rock 201 Rockin X-Mas Tunes Camp we’ll take your favorite Holiday songs and give em the rock-band treatment, such as “Jingle Bells”, “Deck The Halls”, “Little Drummer Boy” and “Silent Night”!  This camp concludes with a performance for the 4th Annul Rock Camp For Dads Holiday Party!


Rock 301: Build-Your-Own Camp

Starting Monday, November 17th

If you are a band of five Rock Moms or Dads who think it’s about time to get out of the garage and do some serious damage, we have the opportunity for you!  Our Rock 301: Build-Your-Own Camp will allow you to gather your own friends and musicians together and go through the Rock Camp For Dads experience on your own terms!  You provide the musicians and songs, we’ll provide the studio and attentive one-one-one assistance from one of our Instructors to help you be the best band you can be!  This camp concludes with a performance at Bunkers on December 20th.

This December’s “Build-Your-Own Camp” is full, but contact us today to schedule  your own Rock 101, 201 or 301 camp space!

Rock 301: Foo Fighters Tribute Camp

Starting Tuesday, November 18th

Are you ready for the rock camp that’s… ‘the best’?  Grab your drum sticks and plug in your Les Pauls because it’s time to take a drive to ‘sound city’ for our Rock 301: Foo Fighters Camp!  Rock the arena anthems of the seminal grunge band from the ’90s and ’00s such “Everlong”, “My Hero” and “White Limo”!  This camp concludes with a performance at Bunkers on December 20th.

Open positions: GUITAR, DRUMS

Rock 301: Sheryl Crow Tribute Camp

Starting Thursday, November 20th

All you wanna do at Rock Camp For Dads is have some fun?  We’ll you’re not the only one!  Grab your acoustic and join this ‘Thursday Night Music Club’ at our Rock 301: Sheryl Crow Camp  You’ll be able to sway and swing to all of Crow’s biggest 90s hits such as “A Change Would Do You Good”, “My Favorite Mistake” and “Steve McQueen”  This camp concludes with a performance at Bunkers on December 20th.

Open positions: GUITAR

Rock 301: Bad Company Tribute Camp

Starting Thursday, November 20th

Are you a ‘straight shooter’ who’s ready to ‘run with the pack’?  Rock Camp For Dads has your fix of hard rock riffs and classic choruses at our Rock 301 Bad Company Camp!  Strap on and plug in, it’s your turn to rock out to the classic Bad Company hits such as “Burnin’ Sky”, ”Rock and Roll Fantasy” and “Feel Like Makin Love”.  This camp concludes with a performance at Bunkers on December 20th.

Open positions: This camp is filled!

Jamshop: Rockin Ruff Repertoire

Starting Saturday, November 22nd

Looking for a little more Mojo on the weekends? Why not give Jamshop a try!  JamShop is aimed at all levels of musicians who are interested in getting together, during the weekend, to play in a casual, laid back and collaborative environment, focused on fun, Saturday-morning jammin!  This Jamshop theme will be Rockin Riff Repertoire, where we show you the essential classic guitar riffs every rocker must know for a jam session!



These camp positions are all first come first serve, so act fast and get the camp you want! Click on the position you want in the camp of your choice to put down your deposit. This will secure your spot. Also, if you’re a guitar player who wants to try his or her hand at something different, try signing up for a bass position for one of our 101 or 201 camps and try something new! It’s a great way to branch out into a new instrument! Heck, you already know the basics!

To register to rock or get more information, call 612-819-6722 or email denise@rockcampfordads.com